Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Show of Hands

This little project was made to be a part of Karey Bresenhan's special exhibit at this year's Houston International Quilt Festival ... a three-dimensional hanging installation of "creative HANDS". She's planning for folks to walk through this magical "forest" of one-of-a-kind HANDmade art HANDS hanging from the ceiling--literally HANDS all around--to see the quilts. It sounds wonderful to me and I think visitors to the show will love experiencing it first-HAND! (Karey's puns, not mine, LOL!)

I made this quirky little hand from two things ... a piece of tanned deerhide from a deer that my grandmother had shot many years ago, and a piece of my own scanned and printed pineapple fabric. I wrote a little story about Mamaw on the deerskin side ... mainly about how she had strong hands and a strong heart and mind until the day she died. I still miss her.

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