Sunday, February 17, 2008

more pics from the Opening

We had such fun at the Opening Reception of the Copper Shade Tree Gallery's month-long show for our Beyond the Borders fiber-art group that I have neglected to post pictures ... here they are, most of them courtesy of Cathy Winter and her trusty camera:

Barbara Jensen

Barbara Jensen, Liz Broussard, Nancy VerWest

Taking a group shot is like herding cats!

Me with two of my pieces ... "She Waits", the beaded icon behind my shoulder, and "Eve II", over my head.

Nancy Dickey

Connie Fahrion and her Guitar Festival fiber-art poster

Another effort at a group shot ...

Liz Broussard and her guacamole coffee filter piece, "Emergence of Spring"

Mary Ann Littlejohn and her Crazy About Round Top piece

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