Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maggie Strikes Again!

My friend Maggie Winfield sent me these pics of two of her fun-and-scrumptious outfits.

The first one is her entry for a sweatshirt contest at UCross Wyoming, where she went to teach a class on Fabric Memory Books. She wore it over her Drop Dead Gorgeous Red Carpet Runway Dress, and won 1st Place in the Glamorous Sweatshirt Division!

And this one is her Harry Potter coat made for a Favorite Book Challenge. Check out her purple hair, too! Maggie is so much fun, and seems to have boundless energy. When are you coming back to Texas, Maggie?


  1. These garments are wonderful, the first one is gorgeous! It's giving me ideas. Can I have your permission to use the photos in a note I'm writing about sweatshirt jackets? I of course will link to your blog as well. My blog is:
    Hope to hear from you soon, Rosalie (

  2. What fun pieces! Maggie seems like someone I'd enjoy!

  3. Those are wonderful! Thanks for sharing her photographs!


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