Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maggie, Oh Maggie

My friend Maggie Winfield just sent me a couple of pictures that I just have to share.  She's dyed her hair a ... sort of ... magenta? 

Of course, she looks adorable as always, and even shared some pictures of a couple of her latest creations.

Check out the cute little top she made from a recycled dress she got from Goodwill.  I love the little "fascinator" hat ... and don't forget the shoes ... Lordy, how could we forget the shoes?

And she's been drawing & stitching faces lately ... here's one she's put on the back of a jacket.

I love to trail around with Maggie when she's out on the town.  Admiring glances follow her everywhere, and I get to bask in the reflected glow.  She's giggly and fun too, as you might guess, and you're never bored when you're around Maggie!


  1. linda your friend is adorable, love the hair, love the outfit even more!!!!!

  2. what a hoot! she does look like loads of fun!!!


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