Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 7 DD

Here's a little project inspired by Anne Eckley, who taught a workshop on free-motion machine embroidery on papers and found objects. This is a leaf that she brought to the class that was already dried out. I glued it to some found papers and "sealed" it with heat-set plastic wrap, with an iron over parchment paper. Then today I dug it out and did some stitching, and manipulated the colors a bit in Photoshop. I like it.


  1. I love the look of this and the idea of using a pressed leaf. What is the 'heat set plastic' you spoke of? Julie

  2. Hi Julie, it's just regular old kitchen cling-wrap ... use a piece of baking parchment (or other paper) over the top of the plastic, and it melts to bond with the leaf underneath, with the heat of your iron. quick, or it'll melt holes! Thanks,

  3. Oh! Thanks for the explanation. I've used Golden gel medium (matte) to seal leaves, but it takes several coats and drying in between. I've got some leaves pressed under some books (and a sticky note on desk to remind me which books and which bookcase since I tend to lose them)that I can experiment on now. Thanks again!


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