Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Birfday Pome

Having missed my "baby" brother Craig's birthday earlier this month, I decided to write him a poem to let him know how much we all appreciate him (even though we forgot his birthday!) Here's the card he's receiving this week, from all of us.

For some reason lost in the mists of time, Craig is often known as "Der Craigle" in the family. I always make my own cards with the Printmaster program, and he loves John Cleese's Minister of Silly Walks, so ...

A Late Birfday Pome for Der Craigle
(Sometime in August, 2007)

(inside ...)


Der Craigle is Der Master
at keeping things in check.
He always knows just what to do
When things are goin' to Heck

Der Craigle is our Hero
He makes us toe the line;
To keep us from our dreadful fates,
He rescues us in time.

Der Craigle is De Bestest One
He always does his part;
He never lets us down because
He has the kindest heart.

We love Dat Boy, we must admit
We cannot tell a lie;
Appreciation ain't enuff ...
We'll Luff him till we die.


(I'm hoping he won't read my blog until after he receives the card ... I'll be without a computer this week, so must post this now or never ... i.e., I'll forget!)