Sunday, August 02, 2009

Silkies Framed

My friend Diane and her husband Al commissioned me to create a special art quilt for Al's office, featuring their beloved Silky Terriers. Muuuuuch later, the quilt was completed, and they took it to be framed by a wonderful frame artist in Cinco Ranch, who created a custom-made hardwood frame for it.
The quilt actually hangs free inside the double-glassed frame, so that the fabric does not touch the glass on either the front or the back.
Diane and Al invited me to see it before it is installed, since the back of the frame is glass, as well as the front, so that the back of the quilt can be seen too. Here's a pic of Diane and Al, with their beautifully framed art quilt.

If you'd like to see the detail shots, click here.

Book of Secrets

This little Book of Secrets is made from a gallery-wrapped canvas as the front cover/secret box, with paste-papers as the pages. I still haven't inserted any images in the cut-outs ... when will I ever get around to that? But I still love the little book, and it's "secret" charm.

TV Madame

TV Madame is an assemblage created inside an antique sewing table drawer, with iron finials for the legs and top. She has a copper shirt, deerskin skirt, painted and bubbled Tyvek halo and rug, and recycled coffee filter wallpaper.

Rust Yard

I thought you might like to see my "Rust Yard" ... actually just the top of a table in my back yard which serves as the repository for all things rusty and interesting. I use the rusty stuff for rust-dyeing fabrics for my art quilts.

There Were Never More Devoted Sisters

When my sister and I used to fight when we were little, our mother used to sing this song to us, and we hated it! Now we are living together (who'd have thought it!) and love the song, each other, and this little memento of our childhood.

The Book of Fish

Well, it's not really a book, but a little art-quilt made as part of a challenge. Silk whole-cloth, printed and painted, machine quilted, hand-embellished, and faced instead of bound.

... and the back, to show the facing technique ...

Dr. Feelgood

From a workshop with the fabulous Michael DeMeng, here is my favorite little finished piece:

and a detail shot:

Deerhide Book

Here's a little deerhide book that I made from the tanned hide of a deer my grandmother shot, probably 50 or 60 years ago. I still have some scraps of it left, and dole it out for special little projects.

Catch-Up Time - Herbs

I'm going to be playing a little catch-up with posting some of my artwork that I don't think has ever found its way onto the blog before. In the process of getting ready to move house, I'm uncovering lots of things I'd almost forgotten about.

So, here's the first one ... actually a little altered book that I did waaaay back before I'd ever heard the term "altered book"! I kind of like it, in its simplicity.