Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter Fever

We've all been in a fever over the latest (and last) Harry Potter book, released this week. But how many of us actually made a costume to go and stand in line at the bookstore for its release? Well, my friend Maggie Winfield, for one! Isn't she the most adorable Sorting Hat Student EVER?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Clay Play Day

A few weeks ago, 4 of us Art Girls had a get-together to play with polymer clay. Patricia, our resident Mokume Gane expert (because she's done it before and was willing to teach us) came with a lesson plan and hand-outs! She even went so far as to create templates and cutting mats for us, and showed us how to make a "guillotine" for making perfectly straight and even cuts in the clay tiles and tubes.
Here are some pics from that day ...

Linda (me), Martha, Patricia, and Mary Ellen.

Martha & Mary Ellen, with ME's Diva Art Doll

Mary Ellen's Sister Shrine

Mary Ellen's Box Shrine ... for some reason, Mary Ellen was the only one with Show & Tell that day.

Our sweet teacher, Patricia.

At last! The 4 Mokume Gane Tile Bracelets ... it only took us 5 hours, LOL!