Sunday, February 06, 2005


I can't believe I quilted FIVE ... count 'em, FIVE ... little art quilts today. Not to say they are finished, by any means, but at least they are started and quilted. Now I get to do all the fun stuff, like painting, distressing, embellishing. One is a Tyvek piece, one is hand-painted silk, and the others are more traditional cotton. Since the lighting in my house isn't too great (OK, maybe it's my Old Eyes), I'll have to wait until morning to start playing with them.

Today is the 2nd day I've devoted totally to art quilting ... the most fun I've had in ages. Yesterday was spent mostly in preparation, and today was the (partial) payoff. How can 14 hours fly by so quickly?

Tomorrow I'm "supposed" to clean house ... but WAIT! I live alone, WHY do I have to clean house tomorrow? After coming off a 3-month desperate race to complete customer quilts in time to meet several deadlines, I finally have some breathing space. Maybe I'll just let the dishes stack up a little higher, and play again tomorrow.