Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's time for a Maggie Update!

My sweet and funny friend Maggie Winfield has been at it again.  Traveling, writing postcards, sewing ca-razy outfits that she looks absolutely adorable in, having grandbabies (well, not actually HAVING them, but definitely supervising their haute couture), and generally living the Good Life.  Here are some of the fun things she has been doing.

An outfit made from men's ties ... OMG!

She's got more guts than I do, to tackle such a job!
Her decorated chambray dress and overdyed straw hat ... I LOVE it!
Newest grandbaby "GiGi" - a hospital picture,
so it's not the sharpest resolution, but it shows off her fantastic
Nichole Miller outfit presented to her by her Nana. 
Baby GiGi's Christening gown and cap, made by
her Nana Maggie from pieces of two family wedding gowns.
And saving the best for last ...
Maggie and GiGi,
two Lovely Ladies.