Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sharon's winning quilts

My friend Sharon Dixon is a ribbon winner AGAIN ... 

1st place

2nd place

Well deserved, Sharon ... gorgeous quilts!

Maggie, Oh Maggie

My friend Maggie Winfield just sent me a couple of pictures that I just have to share.  She's dyed her hair a ... sort of ... magenta? 

Of course, she looks adorable as always, and even shared some pictures of a couple of her latest creations.

Check out the cute little top she made from a recycled dress she got from Goodwill.  I love the little "fascinator" hat ... and don't forget the shoes ... Lordy, how could we forget the shoes?

And she's been drawing & stitching faces lately ... here's one she's put on the back of a jacket.

I love to trail around with Maggie when she's out on the town.  Admiring glances follow her everywhere, and I get to bask in the reflected glow.  She's giggly and fun too, as you might guess, and you're never bored when you're around Maggie!