Saturday, September 23, 2006

Santa Fe Door

I started this piece in an Esterita Austin class a couple of years ago at the Houston International Quilt Festival, and had never finished it. When I was looking for something as a starting point for a "memory keeper" for a party for my parents' 63rd anniversary next week, I remembered it. Once I realized that it just needed to be trimmed down in size and bound, it became the perfect solution. I fitted it with a large pocket on the back to hold the anniversary cards, menu from the dinner, and other memorabilia. It can be either hung or used as a small table topper. It measures 13" x 18".

Sunday, September 17, 2006

more fiber art postcards

... and a few more ... soon to be sent off to Virginia's FFAC postcard sale at the Houston Quilt Festival.

"Doppelganger" above left, and "Gothic Redux" above right.

"New Growth" on the left, has a base of hand-painted fabric with copper, leather, and beads. "Liz's Gleanings" on the right, is made with goodies gleaned from my friend Liz's leftovers. (On second thought, I'm keeping that one!)

Fiber Art Postcards for FFAC

Virginia Spiegel ( ) is sponsoring her last year of Fiber Arts for A Cause at Houston's International Quilt Festival in November, and I've been making postcards to be "sold" (actually, to be given for each $30 tax deductible donation made to the American Cancer Society) during Festival. Here are some of them:

The first one is called "Curiosity", and is hand-painted fabric with painted dryer-sheet overlay.
The second one is "Coffee by the Sea", with a coffee filter and painted/distressed Tyvek, both hand-stitched to the quilt sandwich.

Above are "Don't Even Think About It" and "Copper Bloom", each made with the same piece of hand-painted fabric as a background.

"Alice" is a photo transferred to fabric and mounted on velvet upholstery samples.

A Show of Hands

This little project was made to be a part of Karey Bresenhan's special exhibit at this year's Houston International Quilt Festival ... a three-dimensional hanging installation of "creative HANDS". She's planning for folks to walk through this magical "forest" of one-of-a-kind HANDmade art HANDS hanging from the ceiling--literally HANDS all around--to see the quilts. It sounds wonderful to me and I think visitors to the show will love experiencing it first-HAND! (Karey's puns, not mine, LOL!)

I made this quirky little hand from two things ... a piece of tanned deerhide from a deer that my grandmother had shot many years ago, and a piece of my own scanned and printed pineapple fabric. I wrote a little story about Mamaw on the deerskin side ... mainly about how she had strong hands and a strong heart and mind until the day she died. I still miss her.