Monday, November 26, 2007

Gossiping Kittehs

A YouTube video, cribbed from (where someone dubbed a previously-submitted silent video):

Translation, in case your audio isn't working:

Tux: Hey!
Calico: What?
Tux: I've seen this!
Calico: Shh!
Tux: Huh. Ass.
Calico: What?!
Tux: Never mind
Calico: *quiet slurp cough*
Tux: you..You don't listen
Calico: Since when?
Tux: Since Always! Aaah! *pause, quietly*Someone's coming. Act like a cat.
Calico: Prr Pprr!*slurp*Prrt!
Tux:*in a bored, indifferent voice* Meow..Meow..Uh..Meeow.
Calico: Pmrr!
Tux: Act real cute, and he'll give us treats!
Tux: *whisper* Here, lie down!
Tux: *muffled* slurpslurpslurp
Ish he getting the treatsh yet?
Ish he getting the treatsh?
Calico: *muffled*Not yet, keep going.