Friday, August 28, 2009

Piglet the A-1 Elite Quilting Machine needs a new home.

A-1 ELITE Quilting Machine – Great Sale Bargain!

(This picture is some of my Dad's Photoshopping Magic ... it took 3 of me to teach my Mom to use the machine! But don't worry, she didn't quilt a stitch ... she was kind of scared of it, LOL!)

I’m moving house and consolidating furniture, etc., to move in with my sister and brother … we’re finally going to have our “Teddlie Kids Compound”!

Unfortunately, there is no room for my beloved “Piglet”, which is what I named my A-1 Elite longarm quilting machine. So here’s your chance for a great deal … I’m including a LOT of extras that don’t come with a new machine from the dealer.

First, the machine itself … it’s a WHITE 2004 Model 923 with a 12’ table. This was the first year that they came out with the white model, and it looks so much nicer in your home than one of the machine-metal-grey ones. Both the machine head and the table are a nice creamy off-white color, and in pristine condition.

9” x 23” throat size
Stitch-Rite adjustment panel and needle positioner
Ergo-Lift hydraulic table lift, for easy positioning
Large capacity “M” bobbin
Laser Light
Batting Access Lever
Vibration free table
ErgoGrip™ Ergonomically Designed Handle Bars
Dual Light with Black Light Option
All the little things that you need … needle-type oiling bottles, tiny tools, fabric clamps, etc.
Micro Handles (knobs) for micro-stippling. I never used these, because the Ergo-Grip handles worked great for me.
Instruction Book

In addition, here’s what I’m throwing in with the A-1:

Saddle stool for sit-down quilting (my favorite!) I paid $165 for it.

48” x 130” chair mat for using under the saddle stool. I paid $225 for it.

Custom-made batting stand – holds 4 rolls of batting horizontally, for ease of pulling off just the amount you need. No way to put a price on this … my handy-man Dad constructed this for me from white PVC pipes!

This shows only 3 batting rolls loaded, but the curved PVC-pipe holders are moveable, with a simple screwdriver. I currently have 4 rolls loaded.

Dad had the foresight to add locking casters!

6 rolls (full and some partial) premium batting of various thicknesses. Including Warm & Natural, Quilters Dream, Hobbs Heirloom Wool, etc.

A custom-made 130”-long cutting mat to fit the table, grid-marked by the inch. This is the heavy-duty self-healing cutting mat with a translucent, non-glare surface. I paid $140 for it, and it has been a godsend for squaring up and trimming quilts while still on the machine.

Quilt EZ Stylus with A-1 Adaptor, and Double Spiral template (still in the box), a $130 value.

Circle Lord Basic, a $600 value.

Stand-Alone Bobbin Winder, a $90 value.

2 Wood (oak) Tool Trays from Snuggler’s Cove, a $192 value (

Groz-Beckert Titanium Machine Needles in the 3 most usable sizes: 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0.

About 25 extra bobbins, Size M, and 2 extra Bobbin Cases

Various small tools for servicing your machine.

About 40 hard-plastic templates, rulers, and shapes for use with the longarm ruler base.

About 30 paper pantograph rolls, including many of the favorites such as Stars & Loops, Little Hands, Nouveau Gingko, Ribbon Candy, and many more.

FREE software!
Linda’s Electric Quilters: Rick’s Maintenance Library, a $50 value (
(although this refers to the Gammill machines, it is also quite useful for other brands)
Kaleidoscope Kreator (
Quilted Photo Xpress 2.0, by Tammie Bowser, a $55 value ( (mosaic designing)
Fabric Studio 1.0, an $80 value. ( (create & print your own fabric)

Maintaining/Repairing Your Long Arm Quilting Machine by Donita Reeve (VHS format)
Stewart Plank’s Timing & Tensions for the A-1 Quilting Machine
Linda’s Longarm Quilting, Season 100 (Complete set of 13 Episodes) with Linda Taylor
Linda’s Longarm Quilting, Season 200 (Complete set of 13 Episodes) with Linda Taylor
Advanced Artistic Freeform 2, with Linda Taylor
Fancy Feather Frenzy 2, with Linda Taylor
Ricky Tims Presents: Quilting Caveman Style
Ricky Tims Presents: Grand Finale
Mastering the Art of McTavishing, with Karen McTavish
Fantasy Freehand: Basic Techniques, with Nichole Webb
Fantasy Freehand: Advanced Techniques, with Nichole Webb

PLUS anything else I happen to come across that is associated with the longarm, maybe even a couple of bolts of fabric.

My favorite features of the A-1 are: the non-vibration of the table (thanks to Stewart Plank’s innovative construction) … the hydraulic table lift, you won’t believe how much you will use it! … the lightweight feel and maneuverability of the machine head in use – no more back and shoulder aches! … and the ability to sit down or stand up to quilt (I almost always sit). Not to mention the fact that the pretty white color is so much more “home-friendly” if your studio is located in your home. (Made in the U.S.A.!)

I paid $15,500 for the machine, and am throwing in all the extras described above, all for $12,000! Cash or Cashier’s Check, sorry I’m not set up to take credit cards. The machine is in beautiful condition, as I have taken care of “Piglet” religiously. Although I did do some customer quilting on it, I mostly used it for my own art-quilting, so it has only had light use.

Available for pick-up only, in West Houston (near Katy), Texas.

If you are interested in this great deal, please either leave me a Comment, or email me at