Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Night Study in Browns

Inspired by a recent class with Fran Skiles, here is a mixed
media collage in 3 stages ... so far.

Stage 1: White cotton canvas, black and white gesso, machine
and hand stitching, tea bag, coffee grounds, hand-dyed papers
and fabrics, acrylic paints, matte medium, rusted silks.

Stage 2: Acrylic paints added.

Stage 3: The added color was a bit too bright for my taste, so
I went back in and subdued it somewhat. Still not sure if I'm
finished with it.

A Double Birthday Celebration

The Art Girls met at my house on Sunday, and we had bagels & cream cheese for breakfast, champagne mimosas for a mid-morning Birthday Toast, and pizza for lunch. (Oh, in between eating and drinking and gift-giving, we managed to do some artwork.)

Gloria ... Birthday Girl #1 -- isn't she beautiful?

Martha ... Birthday Girl #2 ... but always #1 in our hearts!

Mary Ellen, looking fabulously fit since beginning
her new job utilizing her skills as a Master Gardener.

Adorable Patricia: "WHAT are you doing???"

XCU (Extreme Close-Up): Patricia's Matchbox Pendant,
which she made in Barbara McGuire's polymer clay class
at Art Unraveled last week.

Me taking a Mimosa Break.
(We missed you Ann!)

Next time we get together maybe I'll actually have some pictures of our artwork from that day.