Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Beautiful, Bumpless Binding

I'm going to try to do a little demo here of my favorite way to create a bumpless binding. You know how, when you get to the end of attaching the binding on a quilt, you always seem to get that little "bump" where you join the ends?

Well, my friend Rex W. was kind enough to give me a refresher course this morning. I had thought I would remember it from when he taught it to me before, but it kept slipping right out of my Tiny Brain! So this time I decided to make myself a series of pictures and instructions, so I wouldn't forget again.

Then, I thought, well, I've gone to all this work, why not share it with my blog-hopping buddies? You may have to click on the images to see the written instructions. I hope the scanned pictures and instructions are clear!

(Please excuse the "quilt sandwich" ... it's obviously not a quilt, but a little test sandwich I use for testing and correcting thread tension, etc.)

Thank you AGAIN, Rex!