Friday, December 31, 2010

Patty-Cake Cats

Best Voice-Over Cat Video EVER!
(be sure to listen carefully to the voice-over ... these guys were so clever!)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Traveling Companions

From my "Journey" series, here is the first of 5 collages I'm donating to Virginia Spiegel's ONE (One Cause, One Wednesday, One Hundred Collages) fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  I'm very honored to have been invited to participate in this Fiberart for a Cause event.
Traveling Companions
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 16 ... the ONE day you can grab collect your favorite collages by your favorite fiber artists!

New Blog Title

Don't be surprised when you see a new title here ... I've been thinking about changing it from FiberReflections to my own name for some time, and finally got around to it, after reading some of the pros and cons on the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) list.  The whole idea of a blog is for people to be able to find you, and even though I loved my FiberReflections name, I thought it was time to get a little more professional with it.

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks at some of my collage work for the One Cause fundraiser.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ONE Cause

Deadlines ... what would we do without them?  I just finished sending in images of my 5 fiber art collages for the One Cause, One Wednesday, One Hundred Collages fundraiser, created and organized by Virginia Spiegel and Karen Stiehl Osborn.  This was an Invitational to 20 hand-picked artists, and the deadline is January 1.  I was so relieved to get my collages finished, photographed, and entered, with even a few days to spare!

The goal is to raise $8,000 in one day to add to the $205,000 already donated to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 16, 2011 ... in fact, you should probably start checking it out a day early.

There will be a direct link from Virginia's page to all the collages at least one day prior to Wednesday, February 16 for a preview and all the details about how to acquire your favorite collage(s). Collages will be featured periodically on her blog and Facebook Fan Page prior to February 16.

Don't forget ... you can do some fabulous art-collecting, tax-free!  All donations for artwork will be made directly to the American Cancer Society online through FFAC here on Wednesday, February 16 and donors will receive an immediate receipt from the ACS.

Be there, or be square, as we used to say ... most of us have had people in our lives who have been touched by cancer, and this is a tremendous way to honor a either survivor (even yourself!) or someone you love who has died from this disease.  Plus ... ART!