Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Copper Leaf-worthy?

I had been wanting to make a necklace worthy of the hand-hammered copper leaf made for me by Gerald Tobola of the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas ( http://geraldtobola.com/ ), but just hadn't come up with anything I liked well enough. Finally, the Spiral Rope technique that Ann taught me the other day struck me as just right, so I made one in copper and antique blue beads, to show off the copper leaf. Here it is.

The leaf itself is about 1-1/2" x 4", and the rope is 18" long, with a dyed fresh-water pearl for the catch.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Silver Wire Wrapping

Yesterday, Martha and Patricia and I did some silver wire-wrapping to make some more funky earrings. Here are the results:

My SS triangle earrings with Toho triangle beads. I think I'll try again with a heavier wire.

Martha's pod-shaped earrings with dyed freshwater pearls. I like the size and shape of these earrings, and they will go with everything.

Patricia's arrowhead earrings with white freshwater pearls. She was concerned that they wouldn't show up with her white hair, but I think we convinced her that they are very elegant and beautiful!

In the meantime, Ann came to keep us company, and while we played with silver wire, she worked on replacements for her woven beaded bracelets that are selling like hotcakes at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery http://geraldtobola.com/coppershadetree.htm in Round Top, Texas. I wish I had a picture of one of the bracelets to show you ... will get an image next time.

Thank you, Annie, for teaching me the Spiral Rope beading technique yesterday ... I worked for many hours last night and today, and here is my finished 19" necklace:

earrings & things

On July 14, Martha and I visited Patrica at her house for a PMC (Precious Metal Clay) day ... we each made a pair of Fine Silver earrings (some of us made more!) It was easier in some ways and harder in others than you might think. Here are a few pics.

Martha & Patricia

Martha & Me

Martha's earrings ... these are actually 3 layers of silver, regardless of the gold color of this photo. Sorry this is so blurry!

Patricia used a patina on her earrings ... they turned out gorgeous!

Mine ... no patina ... I liked the matte silver look.