Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Space Between ... in Quilting Arts Magazine

I finally received my February/March 2012 (Issue #55) of Quilting Arts Magazine.  (I swear, someone at the Post Office reads my copies before I get them!)  I've been looking forward to it because there is an article smack-dab in the middle of the magazine on The Space Between ... the most recent invitational exhibit curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison.

The exhibit, of 40 quilts by 40 artists, debuted at the International Quilt Festival/Long Beach, and was also featured at the International Quilt Festival/Houston this past October.  Five of those artists are featured in this month's Quilting Arts ... Susan Brubaker Knapp (that's a detail of her quilt "Hope is the Thing" on the magazine cover), Linda Teddlie Minton ("The Antechamber"), Susan Fletcher King ("Schooling Through the Jellies"), Jayne Larson ("Breathing Space"), and Sherry Kleinman ("The Family Tree").

What an honor to be included in the exhibit, and then to have the opportunity of being seen in Quilting Arts Magazine!  Thank you, Jamie, Leslie, and QA!

The Art in Fiber, 2012

If you are anywhere near Round Top, Texas (near LaGrange, between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio), please come to the opening of The Art in Fiber, 2012 at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery.

I'm so honored to be participating in this invitational exhibit, with such wonderful fiber artists.  If you can't make it to the opening on Feb.4, please do try to make it by the gallery before the exhibit comes down on March 4.  I've sneak-peeked some of the incredible work that will be there, and you won't be disappointed!

And speaking of sneak peaks, here's a tiny portion of one of my entries:

"Look Into My Eyes" - detail
I hope to see you there!

Farewell, little Baby

Baby Cat, in better days
I had to bid farewell to my sweet little Baby, 14 years old, yesterday.  She had been getting thinner and thinner, and had finally gone into kidney failure.  She spent most of the last month in my lap every time I would sit down, and slept curled up under my arm every night.

Rest in Peace, my sweet Baby.
The pain of losing our beloved animal family members is the price we pay for all the joy they give us in life.  Baby's big sister Mariah left us in May of this year, and Bouncer is now an "only cat".  He has been wandering the house, loudly calling for his lost sister, and trailing after me like a little dog.

Bouncer (aka "the meatloaf"), is now an Only Cat.
I will miss Baby and Mariah, but take comfort in the knowledge that they led a cozy, comfortable, pampered existence in my care.  Bouncer is so robust and healthy, I hope he lives happily with me for many more years.