Friday, April 23, 2010

Artist's Grasshopper Shoes

These are a more economical, but just as beautiful, version of the Z-Coil shoes offered earlier. Since the shoes themselves are less expensive, I can offer them at a lower price. These little Grasshoppers are what we used to naively call "tennis shoes", back before there were all these different styles of athletic shoes. They are a "Stretch Plus" sneaker, Size 8M, retailing (white) at $50. They have a nice thick inner sole, accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. I'm offering them (new-in-box) with my signed artwork, at $110.

If you'd like me to custom-paint shoes for you, please contact me at

Artist's Mudd Shoes

Here are some really cool shoes for summer ... comfy clogs by Mudd, new-in-box, with the addition of my signed painted artwork. They are size 7M, which retailed (white) at $40. I'm offering them at $90. They have been painted with special leather paints that won't crack, and protected with a coat of satin acrylic sealer. These clogs run a little large, so if you normally wear a size 7-1/2, these would probably fit you.

I've had several inquiries about painting your choice of shoes for you. Yes, I'll be happy to do that. Just contact me privately at and we can discuss having you send your shoes to me, or else purchasing a new pair on-line and having them shipped directly to me for painting. I will also be happy to shop and purchase the shoes for you if you like. They need to be white or off-white smooth leather (not suede, sorry!) for the paints to be effective.

Artist's Z-Coil Shoes

Have been painting shoes lately ... first my own Z-Coils, which I have worn and worn and worn ... ALWAYS get fabulous comments on them wherever I were them, to art openings, quilt shows, just out and about. I thought others might like to own some Fabulous Art Shoes as well, so here are some I'm offering.

(The website construction has bogged down, so I'm slipping them in here in the meantime.)

This first pair are Z-Coils, the famous "shoes with a spring" ... they are wonderful for nurses, doctors, salespeople, and others who are on their feet all day ... including Artists! I've painted these to reflect two of my favorite sayings ... the right shoe says "Tragically Cool, Incredibly Hip", and the left shoe says "Awaiting Additional Inspiration". The style is a Taos Clog Strap, size 7M, retailing on the Z-Coil website for $230 (plain white). I'm selling them (new in box) with my signed artwork on them, protected with a coat of Satin Acrylic Finish, for $295.

Notice the Eyes of Wisdom (or are they the Eyes of Curiosity?) that will keep you company wherever you go. Mine always get lots of attention, so whenever I wear them, I always come home in a good mood, from having been stopped and talked to by strangers who want to know about them.

More shoes coming up in another post or two ...