Wednesday, February 27, 2013

QuiltCon 2013, Part 2

Here are the rest of the photos of quilts that were juried into the first QuiltCon, held in Austin, Texas.  It was a beautiful show, with exciting quilts and many great vendors.  Please let me know if you enjoy seeing this little slice of the event, and how you feel about the Modern Quilt Movement.

Angela Walters
Impracticality (detail 1)

Impracticality (detail 2)
In Defense of Manmade
Thomas Knauer
Is There a Court Jester in the House
Lynn Douglass
Kelsey's Crosses
Modern Quilting Bee
quilted by Mary Workman
Log Pyramids
Liz Harvatine
Alison Glass
Paper Shredder
Pamela Johnson
Heather Grant
quilted by Angela Walters
Pods (detail)
Rainbow Rocks
Kathleen Baden
Red Concentrate
Lavialle Campbell
RonQuilt: The Ron Swanson Quilt
Monica Solorio-Snow
RonQuilt (reduced for viewing purposes)
Self Image I
Chawne Kimber
Spin Dr
Angela Walters
Spin Dr (detail)
Sunrise I
Erika Mulvenna
Time Travel
Barb Forrister
Trajectory #2
Megan E. Dye
You Rule
Brigitte Heitland
You Rule (detail)

QuiltCon 2013 - Modern Quilts, Part 1

I finally finished processing the photos I took at QuiltCon last week in Austin.  It was a wonderful (if short) road-trip with my friends Sharon Dixon, Barb Knoblock, and Betty Baker, who drove in from Houston.  Only TWO people-pictures, I promise!  The rest are quilts.

Standing in front of the QuiltCon quilt:
Me, Betty, Barb, and Sharon
Lynn Douglass, Sharon, Barb, Betty
 Here are some of the modern quilts that were on display ...alphabetically by title.  I tried to include the quilter's names when possible, but didn't realize until too late how many were quilted by long-armers, and neglected to get all of the names.  If you have information on the names of the quilters (as opposed to the quilt top makers), I will be most happy to add them here.

A Very Long Conversation
Rossie Hutchinson
Add It Up
Jacquie Gering, Katie Pedersen and Angela Walters

Bang! You're Dead
Jacquie Gering
quilted by Anne Christopher

Broken Cogs
Jacquie Gering and Angela Walters
Broken Cogs (detail)
Broken Diamonds
Kati Spencer
Cancer Sucks
Austin Modern Quilt Guild
gift for Cindy Crowell
Coded Paragraph
Joel Ignacio
Coded Paragraph (detail)
Connected to Jon
Sew Connected (group); quilted by Angela Walters
Couldn't Keep it to Myself
Denyse Schmidt
Curried Plums
Debbie Grifka
Don't Blink
Caro Sheridan

Don't Blink
(reduced in size for viewing)
Double Edged Love
(Best In Show)
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
quilted by Lisa Sipes
Double Edged Love (detail)
Fifty Shades of Groovy
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Fifty Shades of Groovy (detail)
Flying Saucer
Lisa Alexakis
Hope as the Anchor of the Soul #3
Denyse Schmidt
Hope as the Anchor of the Soul #3 (detail)
Hope as the Anchor of the Soul #4
Denyse Schneider
Hope as the Anchor of the Soul #4 (detail)
Hurle Burle Marx
Daniel Rouse

What do YOU think, so far?  I must admit that I wasn't in love with the Modern Quilt Movement when it first emerged a couple of years ago, but I was surprised and pleased at how many of them at the show that I did like.  It's definitely a different take, although there still seems to be some confusion and disagreement over what constitutes a "Modern" quilt.

MORE pictures tomorrow ... please check back ... and please leave me a Comment on your opinion of the Modern Quilt Movement.