Saturday, May 06, 2006

Story in Stitch

From a recent workshop with Ilze Aviks, "Telling Your Story in Stitch", this was a 10-minute exercise in telling either a real story or an imaginary one, with fabric, stitch, and color. With an extremely limited palate in class, it was an interesting challenge. Commercial fabrics, hand-stitched, later enhanced with color-transfer crayons. (No, I'm not telling what the story is ... I think the mystery is better than the story!)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blogger Image Problem Solved

AT LAST! Thanks to several members of my beloved QuiltArt group, I finally have an answer to why some of the posted images to my blog haven't been able to be enlarged. Evidently the filenames of the images had spaces in them, which Blogger sometimes doesn't recognize. The solution is to use underlines instead of spaces.

I've gone back and reposted the latest few images ... particularly the April 8 "A Beaded Postcard", which is much clearer in the enlarged (and the super-enlarged) versions.

What a relief to finally get this figured out (no thanks to Blogger, by the way ... as usual, I had to rely on "a little help from my friends" ... which is more fun anyway.)