Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Just found a stash of pictures of some of the painted shoes I've done, and had forgotten about half of them!

These first two pair are art shoes, made for exhibit only.

Below is "City of Illusion," loosely based on lyrics of the song "City of Delusion" by Muse.

Here is "Treasure Hunt," festooned with jungly creepy-crawlies and a few off-road vehicles for searching out that treasure.

These next shoes I either painted for myself to wear, or are commissioned shoes for customers. They never fail to get double-takes and compliments.

First step - base coat

Finished shoes.

"Tragically Cool and Incredibly Hip"
(and Awaiting Additional Inspiration)

This was my very first pair of painted shoes, but I still wear them sometimes.

Not much room for paint, but very fresh-looking.

Gold & copper painted Merrells, with faux script.

Remembering Oscar Silva

White Merrell slides, simply tangled.

And last but not least (because I can't remember if I posted pictures of it before), here is my favorite little purse I painted, starting with a plain canvas messenger bag.

I know there are some more painted shoes and bags lurking around here, I just haven't unearthed them yet!