Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two more mandala doodles

OK, I can see where these could be addictive ... so much fun, and a bit of a brain-teaser, too! Here are "Googly Eyes" and "Eye on the Ball", respectively. (I seem to be seeing "Eyes" everywhere!)


In response to a challenge from my Beyond the Borders art-quilt group, here are my two "tree-themed" pieces. (They are not bound here, but have been faced since taking this picture.) I decided on facing instead of binding, so that the back sides of the quilts could also be seen.

The challenge was to create a tree-themed art quilt, 20" long and between 6 and 12" wide, with NO green! There were some wonderful responses by the group at our meeting yesterday.

I decided to go with a winter scene, since I had some gorgeous Mickey Lawler hand-painted fabric that I've been hoarding. The technique is whole-cloth quilting, with very dense thread-painting to create the trees. I think they are good companion pieces, because of the small size.

Be sure to click on the image to embiggen ... ;^)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mandala Doodle

The subject of Doodles has been talked about on various websites and at my art-quilt group yesterday, so I thought I would try a "directed doodle". It reminded me a lot of the continuous-line quilting I do, so it was pretty easy to just create it on paper. It does take some thinking, rather than just random pencil marks, but I really enjoyed it. Now I'm thinking it would (in a moderated form) make a good art quilt. I'm calling this one "Eye See You". What do you think?