Saturday, February 25, 2012


One of my favorite art quilts has been marked as SOLD at Gerald & Debbie Tobola's Copper Shade Tree Gallery.  It is "The Dance: After Erte", a 32x60" hand-painted silk piece, quilted with silk batting.  This was a difficult piece for me to let go of, but I try to keep in mind that "there is always more art to be created."  Here's an image, to remember it by:

The Dance:  After Erte
Gerald tells me that it has gone to live in New Orleans, and that makes me happy.  "The Art in Fiber" exhibit is at The Copper Shade Tree through March 4, and you don't have to be in Texas ... you can see and purchase artwork on-line.  Here's a direct link to some of my work there, and there are many other wonderful fiber artists' work to be seen as well.