Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Rare (but inspiring) Rant

After listening to President Obama's address on Healthcare Reform last night, I felt inspired to write my Congress Critters once more. Usually, I try to restrict myself to a two- or three-line, succinct statement of my stance on an issue, in hopes that it will actually be read and counted.

However, I saw my sister Suzanne's excellent letter to Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), and with her permission, was inspired to post it here in its entirety. She is a much more passionate writer than I tend to be, and she expresses EXACTLY my feelings on the matter. I'm hoping she will inspire you to write your own representatives and try to get this Healthcare Reform passed ... it's ABOUT TIME.

(Her letter is in response to Sen. Cornyn's canned reply to her original letter ...)

Sen. Cornyn: "I believe reform can be achieved by lowering the cost of health care without spending more money and without giving Washington more control over the decisions of doctors and patients."

I know this is hard for senators (who already enjoy Washington-controlled, gold-plated, lifetime health care) to understand, so let me attempt to enlighten you: Decision-making as it pertains to health has already been taken out of the control of doctors and their patients, i.e., We the People. Remember us? Our healthcare is already being rationed (by the insurance industry), and we are being fleeced (by the insurance industry). It is a scam. It is a racket.

You mention "bureaucrats." You are aware, are you not, that officious, petty bureaucrats exist in the private sector as well as in government? The private sector of which I speak is the health insurance industry. A bureaucratic, bean-counting insurance clerk already stands between me and my doctor.

Am I supposed to worry that the private health insurance industry may suffer if there is a public option? Let me tell you something you may not fully understand: The health insurance industry is my enemy. They wish to profit off of my suffering. I care not one whit what fate befalls that industry.

One more point I'd like to make: If a public option out-performs the private sector, it may goose the insurance industry into reforming itself (though I doubt that seriously), and then we will truly have a free market from which to choose. However, if the private sector fails to meet or out-perform the public option, then the free market (rightly) says to the insurance industry: "Adios."

I will do everything in my power as a private, voting citizen of these United States to stymie the future political prospects of any senator or congressional representative who attempts to prevent real, actual, meaningful healthcare reform from being enacted.

I am an Independent. I have no love for either political party. I have no trust in either party. None. I am loyal to neither party. Having promised myself, my entire life, that I would never be a one-issue voter, I have become, sadly, a one-issue voter. My health and my very life depend on it.

My future voting patterns will be decided on this one issue. I'm not alone. We are paying attention. We are personally living this healthcare nightmare, and untruths and sloganeering and ideology won't be effective this time. We, out here, the Great Unwashed, already know the truth ... intimately.

Suzanne and I hereby give permission for you to use any or all of the above for your own letter to Congress, or rant on your own website or blog.

Next time, I promise to get back to a little bit of art ...