Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some of my Collected Art

There has been a discussion for the last few days on the QuiltArt List about what kind of art we collect in our own homes, and some of us are taking pictures to share on our blogs. Here are some of the things I have collected over the past 4 or 5 years.

I guess I should start with my very first fiber-art purchase,
"Celestial Sussurations", by Alan R. Kelchner, above.

Tribal Mask by Scott Murkin.
I won this at the Silent Auction at the Houston International Quilt Festival, 2006.

St. Quilta Blesses My Studio, by Susan Shie. I bought this
when I took a class with her at QSDS, 2004.

House Doll by Suzanna Scott

Untitled, by Sylvia Weir. Beatiful thread-painting.

Collage July 31, by Virginia Spiegel

Mini-Facade 2, by Rosemary Claus-Gray (w/ reflection in mirror).
I just had to have it!

Winter Woodgrain, by Leslie Tucker Jenison
I bought this before Leslie and I even knew each other!

Moth #3 by Susan Fletcher King, and
Sunflower #6 by Virginia Spiegel.
Aren't they beautiful together?

Old Book Installation, LTM.
OK, technically this shouldn't be posted here, since I did it myself, but it shows the type of unusual stuff I like to put on my walls.

Oracle II by Joanie San Chirico, and
Untitled by Clara Aurora

Dream Dancer, by Jan Johnson
Love these exciting colors and wonderful thread-painting.

El Morro Ruins (a collage and encaustic piece) by Joanie San Chirico, and
Untitled Outsider Art - Copper Assemblage.

Earth Wind and Sky, by Judith Shamp.
I won this at an AIDS Foundation Art Auction.

Untitled by Karen Stiehl Osborn, and
Birthday Wishes by Clara Aurora

Running Free, by Larkin Van Horn
Larkin is my beading hero and mentor!

2 Untitled pieces by Debra Greenleaf Campbell, and Art Cloth by Jane Dunnewold.
I just had to have the Art Cloth when I was taking a 5-day workshop with Jane a couple of years ago. Cut into it? No way!

Study for Unbridled Passion, Denise Havlan.
This was the small study that Denise made for her larger "Unbridled Passion" that was an award-winning quilt at the 2006 Houston International Quilt Festival . I won it at the Silent Auction.

Small Jewels, by Fulvia Luciano

Birthday Greetings (paper collage) by Clara Aurora

Blomster, by Inge Reinholdt
Inge is my long-distance friend in Denmark. I love her threadwork!

Captured, by Clara Aurora and LTM
My friend Gloria (artist's name "Clara Aurora") created the center portion from captured real flowers, and gave it to me. I painted the canvas to complement and mount it on.

Shadows II, Connie Fahrion
I won this in one of Ami Simms' Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auctions. Connie is also one of my very talented friends, so she was surprised when I showed up with her quilt!

Grey Tabby Cat - Varnished Watercolor on Yupo, Andy Mathis
Andy is an artist out of Georgia (, and I bought this original from his etsy shop ( The painting has a wonderful glow about it, and although small (6" x 6") never fails to be noticed by visitors to my home. I need to find a better frame for it.

Copper Mask, unsigned, and
The Silver Box, by Virginia Spiegel

Copper Assemblage Outsider Art, unsigned

Altered postcard by Debra Greenleaf Campbell

Dillon as Fallen Angel, by Alan R. Kelchner
I was amazed when Alan put this one up for sale, and I jumped on it!

Forestations 12 - Leaf Litter, by Alan R. Kelchner
I do seem to have a small collection of Alan's work!

Big Frog, by Anne Copeland
This friendly little guy greets me every morning, above my computer. I love him very much!