Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fiberart For A Cause REVERSE AUCTION Set to Raise Funds for the American Cancer Society

Here is part of the official press release of the FFAC Invitational Reverse Auction, in which I am participating:

"Rusty Grove", 26x28. Art quilt by Linda Teddlie Minton. Rust-printed and monoprinted fabrics created by the artist. Additionally hand-painted, hand-embroidered, and machine-quilted.

Fiberart For A Cause will hold its fifth Invitational Reverse Auction from March 24-26, 2009. The Preview opens today:

Natalya Aikens, Gerrie Congdon, Marjorie DeQuincy, RaynaGillman, Carol Larson, Linda Teddlie Minton, Susie Monday, Judy CoatesPerez, Leandra Spangler and Roxane Stoner have all donated their artwork. All proceeds from the sales go directly to the American Cancer Society. All artwork will begin at a fixed minimum donation. This minimum donation is reduced by a fixed (and very generous) percentage of the original minimum donation each day until the artwork is chosen by a generous patron.

"Having lost my husband to cancer nine years ago, I wanted to make some small contribution to something that is so close to my own heart, as well as a joyful way to remember my husband and other friends and relatives who have fought this disease. Since fiber art is both my vocation and my avocation, this seemed a perfect match for me. I was honored to be asked to contribute to the Invitational Reverse Auction, and delighted to accept", said Linda Teddlie Minton.

Fiberart For A Cause has now donated more than $165,000 to the American Cancer Society in the last four years and was the second highest national fundraiser for the 2007 American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. For more information on Invitational Reverse Auction and Fiberart For ACause, contact or visit:

Fiberart For A Cause, fundraising for the American Cancer Society.

Virginia A. Spiegel Website:


OK, it's my voice again ... please go to Virginia's website for Fiberart For A Cause, if nothing else for some of the most wonderful eye candy you can imagine. And, if your heart speaks and your pocketbook allows, you might find that you must have one of the gorgeous works of art that have been donated to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How does she do it?

My friend Maggie Winfield has just had a heart attack, but you would never know it. Here's a picture of her in her Drop-Dead Gorgeous Red-Carpet-Runway Dress, with her Sweatshirt Jacket, just BEFORE her heart attack,
and here she is, Just Being Maggie, right AFTER her heart attack! How Does She Do It? (Suffer a heart attack or two, including 4 hospital admissions inside a week, including a stent insertion and no-telling-what-all, and still come out of it smelling like a rose? Or in this case, looking cute-

The hat is her "tribute-to-Aretha-Franklin-at-the-Inauguration-Speech" hat, put together with thrift-store finds. Who else but Maggie and Aretha could pull this look off? (Check out the skeleton earrings, too.)
Take care of yourself, Maggie!