Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Confusion of Weasels

"A Confusion of Weasels". No, that's not really what this is about ... but I took a picture of the glorious bundle of goodies that my friend Shoshana sent me as a surprise, and the fuzzy brown-and-grey stuff at the top of the picture (which is actually some gorgeous Alpaca roving) did remind me of a Confusion of Weasels! There's also some yummy red wool roving for needle-felting.
Also included were some wonderful pieces of hand-dyes, and some beautiful hand-marbled fabrics from Marjorie Bevis ( ), a piece of Shoshana's favorite burgundy silk, some wide goldy-greeny-bronzy trim from a sari, some fantastically fun fuzzy yarn, something weird and black that I-don't-know-WHAT-it-is-but-it-looks-really-NEAT (note: Shoshana later informed me that this is Black Misty Fuse!), a package of beee-yu-tee-ful Swarovski crystal beads, and to top it all off, some dark Dove chocolate! (Inside the chocolate wrapper is printed something really sweet ... never having had Dove chocolate before, I'd never seen this ... "Happiness is sharing chocolate with a friend." (And she also tells me a secret about chocolate: If it comes from a friend, it's not fattening!) Can you tell that there is already a bite taken out of one of the chocolate pieces?

Thank you Shoshana, you are so Chocolatey-Sweet!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunflowers - Sold

I haven't posted pictures of this quilt before, because it was going into some shows, but now it has been sold, so I can post some images of it ...

"Sunflowers in the Mist" was started in a Phil Beaver class in 2005, so the shapes of the sunflower petals are his. He taught different techniques for fabric painting, to get the flowing, pebbled look for the sunflower colors, as well as the raw-edge applique/quilting method. The fabrics, layout, and quilting designs are mine.

Above is the full quilt, 38-1/2" x 65". For some reason I don't have a larger image of it.

A detail to show some of the raw-edge applique/quilting.

It took me over a year to be ready to let go of this quilt. I'm discovering that I need to hold on to favorites for a while, until I'm ready to let them go out into the world. I know that this particular quilt will have a good home with someone who loves it as much as I do.

These last two pictures are of the back, to show the freehand quilting.

An amazing gift

My friend Maggie Hunt (whom I've never actually met in person), decided to make my day, my month, my YEAR, by sending me 19 - count 'em, NINETEEN - fiberart postcards from her own collection! My mostest favorite one of all is this one ... by Maggie Her Ownself ... entitled "Forever" ...

Thank you, my sweet friend Maggie ... what a wonderful, unexpected gift! (Here's her blog, which I've added to my links, because she always has something interesting added ... )