Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Fisherman's Wife

My lovely group of "Art Girls" met on Friday (minus a few sorely-missed members) to play about with making some art dolls. None of us had any experience with this particular medium before, but had the advice of dear Martha, via long-distance (who also sent us a gorgeous surprise package of scrumptious fabrics and trims to play with), plus some books and magazines. I will ask for permission from the others to post pictures of their results, but in the meantime, here is "The Fisherman's Wife", both in progress and completed.

Muslin body, domino face, hand-dyed and distressed cheesecloth, seashell hair, coiled wire and beaded face, braided leather arms, beaded necklace, bracelet, and skirt. Oh yeah, and silk cocoon bra (nothing but the best for our girl).