Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fiber Art Postcards from Remote Friends

In the process of "remote shopping" for those who couldn't attend Houston's International Quilt Festival last week, I received some beautiful fiber art postcards from some "remote" friends ...

"Moonlight Mist" by Beverly Hart has curved piecing and applique, with a judicious use of Angelina fibers and metallic threads ... just breathtaking in person ... I'm afraid you can't appreciate its shimmering beauty in the photo:

"Columbia River Gorge, Oregon" by Peggy Schroder is an intricately threadpainted landscape that almost takes me there. Even the clouds have dimension because of Peggy's delicate quilting stitches:

Beverly and Peggy, I can't thank you enough. These are wonderful gifts from the heart that I will treasure and add to my tiny-but-growing fiber art collection. Some day we will meet in person ... it "must" be!

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  1. I'll second the wish to meet in person. You've touched mine and many others lives in a special way-


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