Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Street Rod

Michelle Verbeeck http://www.michelleverbeeck.com/ created this fabulous art quilt and I just had to have it for my 6'4" car-lovin' baby brother for Christmas. Here's a picture of the quilt, followed by a couple of shots of my brother as he opened it (you'll see both the front and back). He was stunned! I had to preface his opening of the package by saying, "Don't say it's the best quilt I've ever done, because I didn't make it, and you'll hurt my feelings!" ;^)

Thank you, thank you, Michelle, for letting me have it in time for Christmas!

(Oh, that little square piece of fabric on the back of the quilt was just the little "cover-up" of Michelle's signature label that she had left on there from when it was in a show ... I took it off once Craig opened the gift ... I hadn't realized it was still on there!)

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  1. You and your brother are so welcome, thanks for sharing the pictures. I can see he is going to enjoy it.

    Totally forgot about the label...lol

    he looks so happy with it!



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