Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Newest Art Acquisition!

It's been a while since I've posted, and I shouldn't really be taking the time to post today, but I just had to take a moment and show you my latest piece of fiber art, purchased at the Beyond the Borders gallery show, held recently at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas.

The artist is Susan King, and this moth is so realistic looking that visitors to the gallery could hardly believe that it is actually created entirely of fiber. The quilted wingspan is 8" wide, the body is some sort of fur, and the delicate antennae are actually little feathers. The moth is pinned onto the linen backing as if it were part of a scientific display. I've admired Susan's intricate threadwork for some time, and am proud to own this piece in my small collection now.

The second picture shows it hanging with Virginia Spiegel's "Sunflower", another of my favorite pieces. The two pieces complement each other very nicely, I think!


  1. Wonderful!!!
    I love it & want one of Susan's critters too .... maybe the lunar moth (one can dream!)

    ;^) Cathy Winter

  2. Cathy, I want that Luna Moth too ... if only I could afford it! Maybe I took a good enough picture of it to post it here later ...

  3. Linda..thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of your work and your friends and fellow artists. It is always such a joyful experience viewing others works!. Your QA post reminded me to take a look.

    Susan schrott

  4. Linda, I miss your posts and pictures of all that you do. Please share when you can?

    Did I mention I finally moved the blog- LOL! Hugs, Carla

  5. I loved her word also when I saw it at the show! So realistic! And Virginia's sunflower series is wonderful, I was able to buy one also!
    You have good taste, but then I always knew that!



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