Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Clay Play Day

A few weeks ago, 4 of us Art Girls had a get-together to play with polymer clay. Patricia, our resident Mokume Gane expert (because she's done it before and was willing to teach us) came with a lesson plan and hand-outs! She even went so far as to create templates and cutting mats for us, and showed us how to make a "guillotine" for making perfectly straight and even cuts in the clay tiles and tubes.
Here are some pics from that day ...

Linda (me), Martha, Patricia, and Mary Ellen.

Martha & Mary Ellen, with ME's Diva Art Doll

Mary Ellen's Sister Shrine

Mary Ellen's Box Shrine ... for some reason, Mary Ellen was the only one with Show & Tell that day.

Our sweet teacher, Patricia.

At last! The 4 Mokume Gane Tile Bracelets ... it only took us 5 hours, LOL!


  1. Those bracelets are very cool!

  2. Those bracelets are phenomenal! Looks like you all had fun, too!


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