Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Night Study in Browns

Inspired by a recent class with Fran Skiles, here is a mixed
media collage in 3 stages ... so far.

Stage 1: White cotton canvas, black and white gesso, machine
and hand stitching, tea bag, coffee grounds, hand-dyed papers
and fabrics, acrylic paints, matte medium, rusted silks.

Stage 2: Acrylic paints added.

Stage 3: The added color was a bit too bright for my taste, so
I went back in and subdued it somewhat. Still not sure if I'm
finished with it.


  1. Holy Smokes back at you! This is so over the top awesome!!! I have no talent or gift when it comes to doing something like this!

  2. I love what you've done with this- the colors, the texture- and thank you for showing the stages you went through.

  3. I just love what you did fantastic

  4. gosh, thanks for all the nice comments! I need to get back to this piece and finish it now.


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