Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Copper Shade Tree Gallery Opening

Our Beyond the Borders art-quilt group had the opening of our month-long show at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery (http://www.coppershadetree.com/) in Round Top, Texas this weekend, and it was an unqualified success. Here are a few of the pictures from the Opening Reception, more to follow when I get jpgs from friends' cameras.

Of course this is my favorite picture ... Karey Bresenhan attended the opening and I got this picture of the two of us together. Karey was beautiful and charming as always, and I was glad to meet her assistant Pam at last (although I don't seem to have a picture of her!)

Nancy Dickey

Sara Sissenwein and some of her fellow Retreat-ers came to the opening

Rex Watson and Nancy Dickey

Susan King

Admirers of Jo Sweet's delicate thread-paintings.

Rex Watson

Ann Schaefer and Connie Fahrion

Ann talking with Mike & Connie Fahrion

Kay Tobola, a fun and funny lady (Gerald's sister-in-law) who helped out during the opening weekend.


  1. Hi Linda! What a thrill to finally meet you! You and the other members of Beyond the Borders have, again, produced wonderful pieces. I know Larkin is proud of your beautiful beading work. Love the tinted gesso work too. Thanks for visiting with me Saturday.

  2. Annie, thanks so much for coming to our opening. I enjoyed chatting with you so much. Thanks for leaving the Comment here too ... don't be a stranger! ;^)

  3. Congratulations on the opening, my friend. Your pieces are fabulous! I can't tell you enough, just how inspiring you are! Hugs and smooches!


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