Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day, 2008

(NASA photo)

My little contribution to Earth Day today will be to stay home (use no gasoline), keep the TV and extra lights turned off, adjust my thermostat and use ceiling fans instead, and make art with recycled materials.

Well, I DID say "little" contribution!

... and it does make it easier to do all this because I've hurt my back and can't go anywhere anyway, am on pain pills and muscle relaxers so don't feel like watching TV, and since I won't be expending any personal energy, I won't need the air conditioning down so cold. The hardest part may be doing any artwork ... that may have to wait a few days, but I'll still hold to my resolution to use recycled materials.

Here's an interesting (and fun) website on the subject ... http://www.inhabitat.com/
Happy Earth Day!


  1. Ouch, Linda, I hope your back gets on the mend asap and has you back to your usual artistic energy! (Enjoy those drugs and do some free-drawing.)

  2. Happy Earth Day and may you and your spine recover swiftly! Lovely ideas on how to conserve and create at the same time -- I plan to do some recycling art too -- perhaps I'll have something finished by our next BTB? Feel better soon! gentle hugs & smiles from me.


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