Saturday, April 12, 2008

Got Jeans?

After catching Allison and Tracy Stillwell (the Artgirlz) on this morning's episode of Quilting Arts TV, I remembered that when I took a class with them at Quilt Festival last November, I had been inspired to decorate a pair of jeans ... but of course had never gotten around to it.

Soooo, since I needed something to wear to a Crawfish Boil being thrown by my friends Mary Ellen and Mike this evening, I thought I'd hurry up and collage a pair that I'd already painted. The painted iris was beginning to fade, so it wouldn't hurt to do a little more decorating. Here is the result ...

"Big City Girl with Her Hair on Fire"


  1. You are certainly living up to your "revolution" resolution aren't you!?!
    Did you split the leg like they mentioned, or just cope with it? They look you were the belle of the boil..........YUK YUK

  2. Love it! I loved the show to & am eager to make my own faces -- perhaps with fiery hair too ... who knows?

  3. Thanks, Janice & Cathy! Yes, I ripped out the outer leg seam so that I could get the jeans leg on the sewing machine bed to do the collage work. It wasn't as hard as I had feared. And yes, everybody at the Crawfish Boil really loved it ... what fun!

    (P.S. Cathy I love your "Big Foot" signature icon!)

  4. Love it!!! It is perfect for you!!

    Say, does your local TV get a show I haven't heard of??? Do share....

    Hugs, Carla

  5. Hi Carla, yes our local PBS station has begun showing the QuiltingArts TV series, but it's also available on DVD at the QuiltingArts TV website ...
    ... well worth the price!


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