Saturday, May 03, 2008

Collage Mania Opens Monday

Get your motors runnin' ... Virginia Spiegel's Collage Mania,
to benefit the American Cancer Society, is opening Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. CST, to run for ONLY two days. See her blog for more info. and for some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Here's are some more "teasers" for you ...

Asian Fall by Angie Platten

Creation Story by Joy Hellman

Full Circle 2 by Sherrie Tootle

Get your emails ready to send, and your trigger finger ready to hit the "Send" button at 9:00 Monday (and/or Tuesday) morning! I know I'm excited ... Good luck!


  1. Hi Linda!
    I love the art work you have shown on your post! I read your post on my blog and you will have to pardon my ignorance on a few things...but I couldn't figure out how to just comment back to you so that you would see you have to subscribe to a blog to do that? Anyway, I have listed Kimwipes on ebay and the item number is #300222357257. I wanted to let you know since you had shown interest in them.

  2. Linda,
    You've been Tagged!
    (see my post June 12 post)

  3. Where oh where can my friend Linda be?
    Oh where oh where can she be?
    Will she ever come back and blog again...
    where oh where can she be?

    hum to the familiar tune ....

  4. OK, Cathy, you've "goosed" me into doing at least a post or two, to update my blog ... tomorrow, LOL! Thanks for being a faithful reader, even when I'm not writing!


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