Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How does she do it?

My friend Maggie Winfield has just had a heart attack, but you would never know it. Here's a picture of her in her Drop-Dead Gorgeous Red-Carpet-Runway Dress, with her Sweatshirt Jacket, just BEFORE her heart attack,
and here she is, Just Being Maggie, right AFTER her heart attack! How Does She Do It? (Suffer a heart attack or two, including 4 hospital admissions inside a week, including a stent insertion and no-telling-what-all, and still come out of it smelling like a rose? Or in this case, looking cute-

The hat is her "tribute-to-Aretha-Franklin-at-the-Inauguration-Speech" hat, put together with thrift-store finds. Who else but Maggie and Aretha could pull this look off? (Check out the skeleton earrings, too.)
Take care of yourself, Maggie!


  1. I'm sure that having supportive friends like you is part of what brings such a gorgeous smile to her lovely face :)

  2. Carol Dean, you are so sweet! Maggie is sweet too, and funny and feisty, and a barrel of laughs! I think I must have met her at Quilt Festival one year, through the QuiltArt List, but I've forgotten the exact circumstances. We try to get together at least once a year during Festival, and correspond sporadically throughout the year. She's now jousting with the doctors about whether she can take a trip next week ... that's Our Maggie!

  3. I'm glad to hear Maggie is doing well. I was browsing your blog when I saw the entry about Maggie. My husband (Steve) and I always see Maggie at Houston International Show and last year we where in a class together. She is a super funny lady, I love her and I'm happy she recovered quickly. Martha


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