Friday, September 03, 2010

Speaking in Color

At last I can post pictures of a group quilt created by Mary Ann Littlejohn, Nancy B. Dickey, Connie Fahrion, Susan Fletcher King, Cheryl Johnson, and myself.

On August 26, 2010, The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake opened its exhibit, "High Fiber & Raw Materials".  This was the debut of our group quilt entitled "Speaking in Color", and we were awarded a Juror's Choice award.

Mary Ann has posted a very nice slideshow of the opening on her blog, and here are a few of her pictures, plus some of my own photographs.  This was our fiber interpretation of a flower photo, divided into 6 parts, each 24" x 24".  We were happy to find a good professional photographer, Rick Wells, in Houston.

From left to right, top row:  Mary Ann Littlejohn, Nancy B. Dickey, Connie Fahrion.
From left to right, bottom row:  Susan Fletcher King, Cheryl Johnson, Linda Teddlie Minton

"Speaking in Color", hanging at the TAACCL Exhibit, 8-26-10.

Above is a single shot is of my piece, to show the wrapped-edge finishing that we used.  
The gallery canvases that we used were 2" deep.

Detail shot of my piece, to show the quilting and thread painting.

And finally, here is the back of my piece, including the label for the group
plus my own signature image label.


    Congratulations on a lovely collective piece.
    Thank you for the additional detail shots of yours and how you finished it too.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! Gosh, I really miss quilting! One day, I will return...sigh...miss seeing you dear!

  3. OMG, Linda! Those pieces are fabulous! I lu u u u u ve your flower! Did you paint them first?

  4. Thanks, Robin & Ophelia! Lynn, you are too sweet! And to answer your question, I used raw-edge applique, and thread-painting to enhance or contrast some of the colors. The hardest part was the gallery-wrap!

  5. OH be still my beating heart! These are FABULOUS! The Frayed Edges may need to follow suit....ooooh.....or maybe just me.....ooooh!

  6. Thank you, Sarah Ann! Can't wait to see what you and The Frayed Edges do!

  7. I am impressed!! Great fabric selection, thread painting and color choices. Thanks for sharing.


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