Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some photoshopped fun

Just for fun ... hours and HOURS of fun ... some old black-and-white photos I have prettified with some "hand-tinting" techniques in Photoshop Elements.  These are some pictures from my parents' stash ... I don't think they are family; probably children of friends, back in the '40's and '50's.

Original photograph, ca 1940's.
I could have removed the crinkled fold-marks,
but decided that I like them in this case.

Colorized in Photoshop Elements -- "hand-tinted" look.

with my "crinkled paper" texture added.

Original photo, probably from the 1940's.

"Hand-tinted" look, via Photoshop Elements.
with "Golden" texture (by Kim Klassen) added.


  1. sweet and fabulous photos... thank you for joining the Texture Tuesday crowd. :)

    xxo, Kim

  2. Thanks, Kim, you know I love your Textures!


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