Friday, May 27, 2011

A little tribute to Mariah

Not to get maudlin, but I miss my little Mariah-cat more than I can say.  Sweet Meg reminded me on my Facebook page of the tiny little artquilt I had made years ago, in a workshop at QSDS with Susan Shie.  It was all about Mariah, and I thought I'd post it here.  (Thanks, Meg, for reminding me of this little piece!)

Mariah Needs Her Mama
3-1/2" square

Just in case you don't want to twist your head (or your computer) upside down to read the stitched text, here's what it says:

Mariah needs her Mama 
She purrs even while she's biting me - ouch!
No bouncing!
Sandpaper tongue
Sweet sharp kisses
Only crunchy food, please!
Velvet fur and tuna breath, Yum

There is a little shisha mirror, and she's wearing a collar tag that says "Be good".

I'm so glad I made this, back in the days when Mariah was young and lively.  Thank you, Susan, for the wonderful class and this little memento that I probably never would have made otherwise. 

If Mariah (and her Uncle Buddy and Aunt Peaches) aren't allowed into Heaven, then I'm not going either!


  1. What a lovely tribute to Mariah! (I DO love cats!!)

    This reminds me of the pins made by Susan Sorrell. Maybe you could put a pin-back on it & wear it as jewelry?

  2. Thanks, Gale, I love Susan Sorrell's work too. I think this little piece is a little too big to wear as a pin, but I do have it mounted and displayed on a small easel.

  3. This is so sweet -- and all of that packed into such a little space!

  4. Really sweet, Linda. So sorry for your loss, though.

  5. Sherrie and Cynthia, your words mean a lot to me. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Molly. I'm very sorry about Mariah passing away.

    Susan Sorrell took a Turtle Art Camp class from me in my home studio and began using the techniques I taught her many years ago. Good thing she's teaching that stuff, since I quit teaching the hand sewing methods I was doing, also a long time ago. She's keeping my first Lucky School of Quilting style alive. My fingertips got really numb by 2006 from all that hand stitching and beading, and by then I was switched over to using my airpen writing instead of hand stitching mostly, and was doing the machine quilting I do now.

    I still have some of those little samplers that I'd started as demos in many classes, and a few are unfinished. I'm so glad you finished yours and did such a lovely job on i.

    I DO still miss teaching students how to sew shisha mirrors on the old fashioned way, taught to me by Elizabeth Cherry Owen many, many, many years ago, when she took a class from me. Sometimes we all learn from our students, too!

  7. Thanks, Susan ... so nice to get such a newsy comment from you. (In case anyone's confused, Susan started calling me "Molly Minkey" in her workshop, for some funny reason that I've now forgotten, but cherish the memory.) Susan, I hope to see you again some day.

  8. What awesome tribute, so glad you were reminded of it. So sorry for your loss, my Pandora who was 19 yoa died almost 2 years ago and I wish I'd made a quilt of her. I might be able to think about it now.
    Take care

  9. Sandra, it took me years to get over the loss of my two cats I had before these ... Buddy and Peaches lived to be 22 years old, but of course they were strictly indoor cats. I've read that indoor cats live much longer and healthier lives than outdoor ones, because they don't suffer the stresses of "independent" living.

    I'd love to see a tribute quilt if you do make one for Pandora. (Love that name! So evocative of beauty-and-trouble!) My condolences on her passing ... but the memories are wonderful, aren't they?

  10. Sorry about your sweet kitty. This is such a perfect piece to remember her by!

  11. Oh my Linda,
    I am so sorry for your loss. This little piece is sweet as can be.
    I do miss seeing your smile ...


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