Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soul Collage

My dear friend Patricia Daugherty is an artist and member of a loosely-formed group of "girls" (all of whom are well over the age of consent, thank you very much!) who have been together for years for the sole purpose of sharing artworks, techniques, challenges, and fun.  We have slowly dwindled in number, due to natural attrition.  I'm very sad to be so far away from them now, but manage to still see them occasionally.

Patricia and the others have recently been exploring Soul Collage, and I begged her to send me some images to share with you.  Oh my gosh.  These are very typical of Patricia ... visually striking, yet thoughtfully and carefully laid out, with her unique artistic eye for balance, scale, and even humor.  I absolutely love these!  Thank you so much for sharing them, Patricia.

Wild Woman, by Patricia Daugherty

Happy Child, by Patricia Daugherty

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  1. These are awesome!! Thank you for sharing!


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