Friday, February 17, 2012

Success! Foto/Fiber 2012

The incredible Virginia Spiegel has once again come through in spearheading a fabulous fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  In just two days, Foto/Fiber 2012 raised over $7,000, bringing the total raised by Fiberart For A Cause to over $220,000.

I am honored to be associated with FFAC and with Virginia's efforts to raise money for the ACS.  My BONUS package has been sent out to the generous donor who purchased art at this on-line event.  Here's part of the package I sent ... a fiber-art postcard called "Delicata Wingosa".  (I must have been subliminally influenced by the Harry Potter books!)

Delicata Wingosa, 4x6"
As someone who has lost loved ones to cancer (and who among us hasn't?), I send my heartfelt thanks to all who participated ... both patrons and artists, and most especially to Virginia Spiegel.


  1. I bought a photo the second day, would like to have bought on the first day, but budgets being what they are! It is by a woman named, Karen Stiehl Osborn, and shows a dragonfly landing on the end of a stalk. It looks very delicate, yet the power of the dragonfly is clear. I'm anxious to get my bonus package and wanted yours. Oh, well, you will enjoy seeing what I get from another artist. Going through the process to make the donation was incredible easy and Virginia is wonderful through her emails. I love it that 100% of the donation goes to the American Cancer Society. I'll let you know when my picture and bonus get here.

  2. Hi Sandra, Karen is a fabulous fiber artist, and I LOVED her photo of the dragonfly. (You obviously have very good taste!) Congratulations on snagging an absolutely gorgeous photo, and thanks again for contributing.


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