Saturday, October 19, 2013

Knitting Novice

I started knitting just a few months ago, and am crazy about it!  Even though I can't do much beyond the basics, I love learning and trying out new stitches.  The hardest thing for me is learning to read a pattern, as it all seems to be a jumble.  I'm getting there, though, with a little help from my friends Betty, Barb, Judy and Ann. (Now I just have to convince Sharon and Darleen to join the craze!)

A hand-wound center-pull yarn cake
One of the things I just learned was a great way to hand-wind a center-pull yarn cake, using a #50 knitting needle as a base (you could also use an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll).  Here's a link to the Youtube video where I found this easy technique.

Here's my beautiful new yarn bowl,
for holding yarn balls as you knit.
 I ordered this lovely glazed stoneware yarn bowl on Etsy, from Hilal at New Moon Studios. I wanted a slightly larger one than what she offered, so she made it specially for me.

Now it's back to knitting and learning!


  1. Love that you are still experimenting. I just love being an enabler! Missed you at Market...


    1. Thanks, Betty! I hope to see you at Festival!


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