Friday, January 13, 2017

A little postcard ...

It seems I only get into my studio very rarely these days, and when I do it is a joyful occasion. Today I had two whole hours to myself and wanted to make a little fiber-art postcard for an old friend who I haven't seen in several years. He always remembers me on birthdays and holidays, and I'm not always so good. So this year he gets a special remembrance.

Collaged scraps from 3 different screen prints,
quilted and stitched onto a postcard backing.
I make my own little "postage stamps" for quilted postcards,
since they go into a clear envelope with a real stamp on top.
OOPS! I  just noticed I put "2007" instead of "2017" on it!
Good thing it's not mailed yet, still time to correct it.
Happy Birthday, my friend!


  1. Great little postcard. Your friend will surely love it. I like your postage stamps.


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