Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fiber Arts for a Cause Postcards

As promised, here are the 4 fiber art postcards that I came home with from the Houston Quilt Festival. Virginia Spiegel has been spending the last 18 months of her life raising money for the American Cancer Society ... a "little project" that she and her sister Nancy started out in honor of their father. Here's Virginia's FFAC website, for more information:


And now for the wonderful little 4" x 6" fiber art postcards ... as you can see, they each speak for themselves. My only problem was coming home with only 4!

Sandy B. Uman's "Breast Cancer Stamp":

Giny Dixon's "Untitled":

Jan Rowan Miller's "Mrs. O'Rourke's Mother":

Anne Copeland's "Bear Totem - Strength":

Must ... have ... more ... fiber art ... postcards! (They're addictive.)


  1. milleron130@hotmail.com6:51 AM, November 15, 2006

    Glad you picked my postcard! Mrs. Roark is one of my mom's friends. Her mother had Alzheimers and sat with the cat on her lap all day-it calmed her confused mind. What a compliment that you like it. Thanks, Jan Rowan Miller

  2. great cards... it IS addictive! I've already joined a postcard swap group. :)


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