Sunday, November 19, 2006

A fiber art postcard by Claire Fenton

Talk about serendipity! I had just reached the page in the new Journal Quilt book with Claire Fenton's "Window of Opportunity", and had been admiring both her artwork and her vision of "diving into a new world", when this postcard arrived in my mailbox! I'm telling you, there have been too many similar coincidences tied in with the fiber art postcards and the journal quilts for them to be ... well ... coincidental! Is it happenstance, serendipity, fate? Or is it really just a matter of "coincidental synchronicity"?

Whatever it is ... it makes me happy! Thank you so much, Claire, for my wonderful new fiber art postcard! (I had bought one of your postcards from the FFAC drive last year, so now I have a mini-Claire-Fenton collection!)

Here's a link to Claire's website if you want to see more of her work ...

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