Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here's my latest piece ... "Fresco" ... no time to write much about it, just that it's the first of a new series for me. Quilted and surface-altered to resemble an old crumbling Roman fresco. Mounted on stretched canvas, which I also painted to resemble stucco. The full-image shot shows the piece framed, with museum glass.

"Fresco", framed to 35" x 29"

"Fresco", Detail 1

"Fresco", Detail 2

This piece is going up to the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top ( ) tomorrow, if I can get a minor problem with the frame corrected.


  1. This is quite wonderful. It is very realistic. Does the gallery prefer to have things framed? i was wondering why you framed it.

  2. wonderful work, very interesting

  3. Thanks, Gerrie! Yes, this gallery does like the smaller fiber art framed, as they say it seems to sell better that way.

  4. This is really great Linda! Great texture! Perfect for Round Top! Do you thing they might be interested in any of my work or do you all have it all sewn up...

  5. Linda this is so wonderful, I love it, very textural and old looking, fantastic piece.

    how ever did you do those wonderful little cracks.....

  6. Linda,

    Love it! And love the blog...

    Cyndi Souder (we met at QSDS)

  7. Oh my Linda. This is wonderful. I hope it doesn't sell before I get to see it. I hope to make a trip to RT next week.

  8. Linda, "Fresco" is a wonderful addition to Copper Shade Tree. As soon as you left, a home was found and it looks wonderful. We have had a number of compliments as visitors strolled in. As usual you raised the bar. Congrats! Gerald

  9. Just Stunning... nothing more needed to say!
    Bravo Linda!


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